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June 12, 2011
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Chop-Shop Bag by cheeks-74 Chop-Shop Bag by cheeks-74
Howdy, gang! Hope your weekend went well.

(Edit:Almost had an early night last night. HAHA Good thing I checked my email before turning in. An early turn in for the ZZZZ's at 11-ish to the PM ended up me crawling to bed nearly 4 in the AM.

Sorry, Ichiban!

Anyhow, I was sooooooo sure that the last few versions of the art I turned in was good to go to sign off on, but I was asked to give more bleed area, so I took advantage and swapped some things around. Fingers crossed that this is gonna be the one to get through! HAHA :)

I gotta say though, it's nice to teach an old dog like me new tricks. This will be the final look of the bag design. Great correspondence with the company and very professional. I hope this is something I can have new come out each quarter.)

Soooo... what's new witcha? Hmmmm how about for starters a peek into a new bag that I'll releasing this year, hopefully in time to have alongside my 2011 art book Cheeks:Still Together, at San Diego Comic Con. I kept the template on the image so you'll have an idea of the dimensions of the bag.

3 reasons for the for the bag is:

1) free with purchase to the first 200 pre-orders of my new 2011 art book Cheeks:Still Together. What's the 411 on the book ya ask? Those details can be read here at the following [link]

2) also available for purchase at San Diego Comic Con for a very affordable price. Price TBD, but I'll keep you posted.

3) and also to be available for online purchase. Price TBD, but I'll keep you posted.

Pre-orders are not available yet because I have to find out what the shipping rate for the new books will be due to it being 40 pages more than my 2010 art book, Cheeks:UNCLENCHED (100 pages). I'll give ya the scoop once I get my comp copies in, so I can get different shipping rates for you all squared away.

Hope y'all digs!

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randyvaliente Dec 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
What company/website did you work with to get the bags produced? I'm looking into something similar and need a good supplier!

D-Gee Jun 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Dude this stuff looks great! wanna make me some?? XD
cheeks-74 Jun 29, 2011   General Artist
thank you, man!
haha make ya what? illos for a bag?
D-Gee Jun 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I mean just gimme a bag son!!! hahaha XD
great stuuffff as usual shean
cheeks-74 Jun 29, 2011   General Artist
thank you, Shaun!
cheeks-74 Jun 29, 2011   General Artist
thank you, Val! Good seeing you at Heroes!
Brett2DBean Jun 16, 2011  Professional Filmographer
sweet man, great idea
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